Selling Electrical Goods

PAT Testing Electrical Goods microPAT-Distributors-PAT-tester

and Selling Safe Second-hand Electrical Goods

Sellers of second-hand electrical goods are responsible for ensuring the goods meet legal safety requirements and sellers may be liable to pay compensation if they sell unsafe goods and they cause injury or damage. If the equipment you are selling complies with an acceptable standard – for example, a British/European Standard – it will normally meet safety requirements.

However we all know electrical appliances deteriorate over time and use. So how do you go about making sure the items you sell are safe?

When PAT testing electrical goods it is recommended that a competent person examines the goods for damage. The items inspected and tested should be clearly identified in a report describing the test(s) carried out and the results. The person PAT testing electrical goods for resale should also label each item to show it has passed and include the date and their initials. Retailers, including second-hand dealers and auctions, must only sell appliances that are correctly fitted with an approved
plug with sleeved neutral and live pins and the correct fuse.


To find out how you can sell safe second hand electrical goods:

consider attending a Quick Test Portable Appliance Testing course.

We will teach you how to visually inspect electrical appliances, PAT test them and label them for re sale.

We can hold a PAT training course at your premises. Price dependent on location and number of delegates.
Karen has worked with many charities over the years helping them to sell safe electrical goods.

Selling safe electrical goods is easy with help from Quick Test.
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