PAT Testing Equipment

Quick Test can supply all your PAT testing needs

Whether you need a PAT tester, PAT testing labels and adaptors or calibration, Quick Test can organise it for you.
PAT testing in house is cost effective and can be carried out when it suits your business or organisation. PAT testing doesn’t have to be costly or disruptive. Portable appliance testing is easy with Quick Test.

PAT Testers

The Quick Test rechargeable battery powered microPAT comes under the category PASS/FAIL tester. The microPAT tester is quick, easy to operate, lightweight and has built in features to assist you.

Quick Test offers a calibration service for the microPAT tester. This will ensure your PAT tester is measuring correctly. The accuracy of a PAT tester should be verified and recorded annually.

If you have a specific question on Portable Appliance Testing you would like to ask please call or email us.



microPAT Tester

PAT Testing Training

Quick-test-slider-41-300x208PAT testing made simple with Quick Test. We have designed and manufactured a fantastic user friendly PAT tester the microPAT to make your task even easier.click here for more information. PAT-test-trainingPAT Testing Training with Quick Test is your first step to in-house PAT testing, click here for further information on PAT training and course prices.