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Electrical Therapeutic Heat Pad Sparks Fire

If you run a care home and know that the residents will be making use of electric blankets and similar products during the winter, it’s important that you know they’re electrically safe and don’t pose a fire risk.

According to the Andover Advertiser, firefighters were called out to rescue a 90-year-old woman after her therapeutic heat pad overheated in her bed, with the fire service quickly reminding people to check that all their electrical items are checked regularly and are in good working order.

Fred Pettersson, incident commander, said: “This incident could have easily turned into a fatal fire and highlights the importance of checking all your electrical items, particularly the ones you use at night… We would urge the public to check all electrical items, heat pads and electric blankets, especially if you’re using them more due to the recent cold weather.”

If you want to save money as a business but also want to ensure that all electrical products you use at work are safe, it’s time to book yourself a place on a PAT training course in Colchester. By going on such a course you’ll learn how to test products yourself, so there’s no need to call out an electrician each and every time you need to do a check.

You’ll also be taught how to spot warning signs of dangerous or faulty equipment, such as scorch marks, exposed wires and so on. To find out more about how you could benefit from PAT testing training, get in touch with us here at Quick Test.