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Portable Appliance Testing Training

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At Quick Test we are experts in PAT training and we are dedicated to making the minefield of Portable Appliance Testing as simple and inexpensive as possible. That is why we have designed the simple to use low cost microPAT tester for anyone in any business to use. The Quick Test training course is aimed at all skill levels and is delivered in a professional but friendly manner at various locations or at your work place anywhere in the UK.
Alternatively we have produced the Practical Guide to In-House PAT testing book for those wanting to go down the self learning route. Not everyone feels the need to attend a PAT training course.

We won’t try and sell you things you don’t really need. After all we want you to trust us and recommend us to everyone you know.

With Quick Test the experience of organising your Portable Appliance Testing Training Course or purchasing your PAT tester will be stress free. Please ring us on 01904 790017 to discuss your requirements. We don’t hide our telephone number behind our web page. However if you prefer to email then please use the contacts page.

The Quick Test PAT Testing Course trainers

Portable Appliance Testing Training

Neville has been training people to PAT test for many years. During this time he has successfully trained thousands of people of all skill levels to carry out PAT testing in their workplace or to sell safe second hand electrical equipment.

Neville has more years experience than he cares to remember in the electronics industry. He has designed many electronic products including a number of PAT testers. He is also the designer of our fantastic microPAT amongst other PAT testers, so you could say he knows the subject inside out. Because he has this wealth of experience he can answer just about any question you could come up with when it comes to electrics and PAT testing.




PAT Testing Training

Karen has organised PAT training courses for many years and assists with the training. She knows what the customer needs to start PAT testing and is not fazed at the prospect of training a group of people who openly admit they have never changed a plug never mind taken on the PAT testing. Sometimes it takes just a bit more effort and if it means a bit of one to one coaching then that’s what she’ll do.

If you have a question you would like to ask Karen about the Quick Test PAT training course, please call on 01904 790017 or email via the contacts page.



PAT Testing made easy with Quick Test.