People Advised Not To Tackle Electrical Fires Themselves

Firefighters in Tunbridge Wells have advised people not to try and put electrical fires out by themselves or they could risk harming themselves or exacerbating the situation.

Watch manager Mark Havell issued the warning after a local man from the area tried to put an electrical fire out using a wet towel and placing it over live electrics after the blaze beneath the stairs of his house had spread up the wall, the Kent and Sussex Courier reports.

The fire service came along and isolated the electrical supply in the fuse box, wearing electrical gloves to remove the main fuse and then checking for fire spread using a thermal imaging camera.

Of the homeowner, Mr Havell said: “He is lucky to be alive and to not have electrocuted himself. If you discover a fire that involves electricity, do not attempt to deal with it yourself or put water on it under any circumstances.”

He went on to advise people to leave the property the first chance they get, closing internal doors as they go in order to help contain the fire.

It’s important for both businesses and homeowners alike to know what to do in the event of a fire. As a business, you must ensure you have a fire drill procedure in place in case the worst happens. You could also benefit from PAT testing training, so you can check appliances yourself to see if they need fixing. You’ll also be able to see any signs of wear and tear so can take preventative action if required.

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