Electrical Faults ‘To Blame’ For 23% Of All Fire Claims

Businesses and homeowners should be careful when using their electrical appliances, as new research has revealed that faults in such products now account for 23 per cent of all fire claims.

According to figures from Co-op Insurance, the number of fires started as a result of electrical faults has climbed by 29 per cent in the last three years alone, with goods like tumble dryers, washing machines, electric blankets and chargers for mobile phones and e-cigarettes all to blame for such incidents.

On average, the damage to household contents caused by fires is worth £4,000, while a large loss fire can cost people hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Head of claims at the company Jonathan Guy said: “Over the last few years we have seen a surge in fire claims caused by electrical faults, but also a rise in large fire claims as a result of these.   Sadly, when it comes to fires, tragic circumstances could often be avoided by following some simple precautionary steps to protect you and your family.”

Businesses keen to ensure that their electrical goods are in perfect working order should consider booking a PAT training course in Peterborough so they can learn how to PAT test their own appliances.

This can be a lot less expensive than calling out an electrician each and every time you need to have your goods checked over – and it can also give you greater peace of mind that your appliances are working perfectly and don’t pose a fire risk at work.

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