PAT training

PAT Testing Training 



The most common question we are asked is ‘Can I do my own portable appliance testing’? The answer is ‘YES!’ Given the relevant training and using the correct equipment, and that’s where Quick Test comes in.

About the Quick Test PAT Testing Training Guide


We cover the following topics 

WHO Can PAT Test?
Competent person
WHY Do We PAT Test?
Dangers of faulty equipment
HSE recommendations
WHAT Do We PAT Test?
Understanding ‘Portable’
Appliance rating plate
Class of appliance
WHEN Do We PAT Test?
Equipment construction
Environment and use
Frequency chart
HOW Do We PAT Test?
Formal visual inspection
Electrical tests


Self Learning

The Practical Guide to In-House PAT testing book priced at just £20 provides information for undertaking In-House inspection and PAT testing. This is a comprehensive illustrated guide ideal for those who don’t feel the need for a trainer to oversee a practical session but would like guidance on carrying out a PAT testing regime. The guide takes you step by step through actually carrying out the PAT test. The microPAT tester is very easy to use.

There are two main benefits to doing your own PAT testing

1). Cost Saving – Its cheaper for a member of staff to do the PAT testing rather than paying a contractor.
2). Convenience – It isn’t always convenient to have contractors in the workplace and they can’t always be there when it’s the best time for you.

To purchase a Practical Guide please telephone 01904 790017 or contact us using the contacts page.