National Trust Fire Due To Electrical Fault

People who work in stately homes and grounds should make sure they have a member of staff who has attended a PAT testing training course.

Many will be looking for these courses following the news that the devastating fire in a famous National Trust property was probably due to an electrical fault.

Electrical fires can be devastating, and even more so if the destruction affects property that has cultural value.

The National Trust’s 18th century mansion Clandon Park, near Guildford was “reduced to a charred shell” following a severe fire in April, the BBC claimed this week.

And not just the house was destroyed, its collection of antique furniture and textiles was also lost in the blaze.

Following the fire an investigation was launched into the cause of the fire by the Surrey Fire and Rescue service, which produced a report showing it was most likely caused by a faulty connection on the electrical distribution board.

The fire service is working with the National Trust to discover ways to prevent fires in the building, in future. One main room was unaffected by the fire.

As there was little fire protection in the house, the fire spread. The spread of the fire has also been blamed on a ‘hidden void’ that was not known about and had been created by adaptations to the buildings over the years.

No one had been hurt in the fire and all people who had been in the building at the time were successfully evacuated from the building.

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